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Zachari Loganpaper, skin, leaves
I've got you under my skin, said the drawing to the artist.

I've got you under my skin, said the drawing to the artist.

Throughout this exhibition, paper turns to skin. Whether stroked or mistreated, it is the fertile ground from which luxuriant drawing arises.

Zachari Logan has taken the path of finesse. Staging his own body, his pencil tips explore questions of identity and masculinity, with nature-bodies that celebrate re-wilded flesh as vibrant as a summer field where nature reigns unfettered. This sensual embodiment is nearly a metaphoric divinity, so entwined that knowing who dovetails who, whether man or nature, remains untold. For behind obvious pictorial references (Dürer and Millet come to mind in his dainty sketches and predilection for certain plants, or Arcimboldo in ravaged plant faces), the artist is claiming a queer identity, laying the groundwork for political action that is at once powerful and delicate. Reflecting this, large pastel frescoes evoke dreamlike strolls, recreating an olfactory paradise steeped in visual, sensory realism.

Martin Javier Palottini's work is outstandingly physical. From vast interlacing flat tints arise flawless faces and bodies, a testimony to perfect realism that reveals unadulterated beings. In the style of a collage artist, Palottini surrounds and extends his subjects with graphic and plastic elements, clues that offer glimpses of hidden souls beneath overly polished beauty. Paper turns to skin, a fragile material in turns stitched with fine scars or surging in vivid flashes of light, to match the cracks and glories that inhabit his subjects’ inner landscapes.

Zachari Logan, born in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) in 1980, is a Canadian artist working mainly in drawing, ceramics, and installation practices. His work has been exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions worldwide, including the Leslie-Lohman Museum in Manhattan.


Martin Javier Palottini, born in Buenos Aires in 1981, is an Argentian artist who mainly works in drawing.

He has received countless prizes, including the first place in the "Akian Gráfica Editora" competition in 2015. His work can be found in permanent collections such as the Central Bank of Argentina, the Ministry of Public Security, the Eduardo Sivori Museum of Graphic Arts, the Artemio Alisio Museum of Drawing and Etching, and the Tandil Mumbat Museum of Fine Arts.

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