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Hélène DelmaireNexus - Scène Emergente
Hélène Delmaire is a 29-year-old artist from Lille. Drawing from her years of academic training in Florence, she is in line with a figurative tradition, exploring a feminine plant realm which delves into the meanders of the unconscious. Her work has appeared on several occasions both in Europe and in the States.

From December 9 to January 13, 2017, Laurence Esnol Gallery is presenting "Nexus," an exhibition that will unveil work by Hélène Delmaire, Dongni Hou and Julie de Pierrepont. Three young female artists with a unique way of exploring territories made up of formal and intellectual crossovers. 
In medicine, a nexus describes a cellular junction and refers more commonly to the connection between two areas. The work of these artists is pervaded by an examination of the interconnectedness of things. This is not about oppositions - rather about interweaving and assembling worlds and ideas. A dialog is engaged between traditional practice and contemporary creation, nature and nurture, between the roots of childhood and the brutality of an adult world. 
Bodies are never too far removed. The carnal, organic, and at times matrix-like dimension of these works is an exploration of intimacy and of its counterpart, overexposure. Bordering on obsession is the concept of total creation, whether it be artistic, physical, or a manifestation of the psyche.

Between these lines and stories, and between gentleness and diligence, each piece offers its share of symbolic or factual subversion. One cannot help but be blown away by such introspective work, shaken to the core, at times projected to the tenuous border between fascination and rejection. 

Nexus is a sensory experience into which one slips as if into a memory, between dream time and the reminiscence of a primal magma.

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