Adrien Eyraud was born in 1982, in Valence, France.


Discovering his artistic vocation early on, Adrien spent his teenage years visiting paint studios and museums, attending cultural and literary circles. Robbed of mobility in his left hand by a car accident at 16, he fluctuates between certitudes and questions, ultimately joining a business school. Instead of building on his diploma, he enters the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, where he devotes seven years to academic study, forming the basis for his current techniques. Returning to France, he pours his fresh perspective into unique artwork directed at highlighting the human failings of our century, and returning to dignity and humility.

Still-life painting occupies a central place in his work. Engaging with its symbolic world, he churns up tensions and at times, unusual associations. As cathartic emotion is generated, we are invited to meditate on the meaning of life. By moving away from color and into black, his approach has progressively led him to both personal and artistic humility, thus materializing a quest for the essence of things, of being, and of light. His is a starkness devoid of austerity. Adrien’s realism is not an end in itself – indeed it never has been for great Masters. Rather, it forms an impetus towards a specific way of thinking, akin to contemplation and meditation.